"Sorrow is knowledge, those that know the most must mourn the deepest, the tree of knowledge is not the tree of life." - Lord Byron

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Ethnographic Field-Work: “She’s not real anymore, she’s dead.” Mobbing, Cyber-mobbing and the Sucide of Amanda Todd. (2013)

Intercultural Communication: The Hipster-Goth. Intercultural Contact Between Competing Subcultures. (2013)

Comparative European Mythology: A Flirt Between the Punk and the Fairy. Appropriation, Continuation and Re-Writing of Fairy-Tales in Steampunk. (2012)

Anthropology of Religion: Thou shall live (again)! Tales of (Re-)Constructing Human Beings in Steampunk Culture on Example of The Melting Clock’s Narrative. (2012)

Anthropology of the ‘third place': (Re)Introducing the ‘fourth place’. Updating Ray Oldenburg’s three-places-theory (2011)

Anthropology of the ‘third place': Revival des öffentlichen Lebens zwischen Tradition und Innovation. Wie der ‘dritte Raum’ L’viv verändert (2011)

Political Anthropology: Ethno-Symbolism and the ‘two Ukraines’. Refashioning History – with Obstacles (2011)

Visual Anthropology: Alterfiction. An Ethnofictional Documentary on Same- and Otherness. (2011)

Anthropology of Popular Cultures: The Scratch Rock Bar. An Ethnography of the Rock Bar Around the Corner. (2011)

Ethnomusicology: About Flowers, Freedom and Folk(s). An Anthropological Study of a the Slovakian Alternative Rock Group Živé Kvety. (2010)

Complex Systems: The Online-Mentality in Russia and Ukraine. About (Ab)use and Perception of Social Networking in the CIS. (2010)

Historical Anthropology: Slovenian Identity in History and the Identity Change of Slovenians After the Independence of Slovenia. A Slavistic Approach to Historical Anthropology. (2010)


Thesis: Nationale Mythen der Ukraine (National Myths of Ukraine). (2014)

Cultural studies

They have no fear anymore! Reviewing the actual political situation in Belarus. (2011)

Die Säulen der ukrainischen Identität. Untersuchung der ukrainischen Frage. (2008)

Die Bedeutung des Belarusischen für das belarusische Nationalbewusstsein. Eine Sprache als Identitätsstiftendes Kriterium. (2005)

Revolutionäre Schriften und ihre Verbreitung im Russland des 19. Jahrhunderts. (2006)


Ohne Klarheit in der Sprache ist der Mensch nur ein Gartenzwerg. Studie zur Textverständlichkeit romantischer russischsprachiger Literatur am Beispiel von Lermontovs Geroj našego vremeni und Puškins Kapitanskaja dočka. (2010)

Východniarske nárečia slovenského jazyka. (2010)

Narečje mesta Maribor. (2010)

Baza dannych russkogo i ukrainskogo jazykov. Technologie und Analyse eine Bitextes. (2007)

BaDaRUJa. A small Russian-Ukrainian parallel corpus. (2007)


Vladislav Ozërovs Tragödie Dmitrij Donskoj im Vergleich zum klassischen Tragödienschema. (2007)

Lermontovs Und trist und traurig. Lyrikanalyse. (2005)

Моцарт и Сальери. Drameninterpretation. (2005)


2014: Graduation in Slavistics with the thesis “National Myths of Ukraine”
Successful application as lecturer for German language and Austrian culture in Košice, Slovakia

2013: Lecturer for German at the Summer School of the ÖAD in Nitra, Slovakia

2012: Lecturer for German at the Summer School of the ÖAD in Prešov, Slovakia
Certificate for Economical Polish – level B2

2011: Researches in social anthropology
Polish- and Slovak courses at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana
Certificate to examine the Austrian Language Diploma (ÖSD)

2010: Participation at the congress of the ÖDaF (German as foreign language) in Vienna
Advanced training course of adventure education
Lecturer of German at the Austrian Institute Ljubljana
Year abroad in Ljubljana through CEEPUS
Researches on the reading ease of Russian

Andreas Schiestl

My name is Andreas Schiestl. I am a slavist and social anthropologist. My specialisations are the fields of ukrainistics and anthropology of popular culture/popular music.

At the moment I am living in Slovakia, where I am working as a lecturer of German language at the Šafarik-University in Košice.

2009: Travels to Ukraine, Poland, Slovenia

2008: Participator at the 13th Ukrainicum in Greifswald
Translator of documents from the Ukrainian People’s Republic (1918/19) for the Ludwig-Boltzmann-Institut (research center for war consequences)

2007: Students’ Representative at the Department of Slavistics Graz
Project collaborator at the Department of Information Processing in the Humanities
Holding of a course in Russian language for beginners
Construction phase of the BaDaRUJa-corpus

2006: Participation in different courses at the Department of Information Processing in the Humanities, XML/TEI
Introduction in corpus linguistics by Tomaž Erjavec (IJŠ)

2003: Start of studies of slavonic languages (Russian) at the University of Graz

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